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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
Crap, the ^ is being stripped, I'll get er fixed up by tomorrow but will begin fixing it soon.
I haven't a clue about the rest.
I stop the server
cat newpairs.txt >> knpairs.txt
start the server
I thought the sorting was controlled in one of the .lua files?
It's odd that it's the only one... hopefully something hasn't gone stupid.
would just a plain old sort, looking at column one work?
Otherwise, I'll have to take it down and email it to you...
Yes, the sorting should be taken care of automatically. Don't worry about it. If there's any results that are missing (there should only be a few), I'll fill them in myself when I process the results. (I'll also submit them to the server, which will make sure that the server "knows" they're done.)

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