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Originally Posted by Brucifer View Post
Hi Gary,

I'm back from vacation, into the middle of a heat wave. Can't put everything on line but I can put some on. In reading the above posts, where would you like me to put some cores to help clean stuff out?

Oh, GREAT! I/we need some help real bad right now. Summer, Karsten and Anon on vacation, Beyond having a storm outage, and RPS's new 6th drive strongly competing with us for resources have screached things to a crawl here. I'm about ready to stop all my other efforts and put all 6 of my quads just on these servers to get things moving and attempt to stay reasonably competitive with other projects.

Definitely put all of your machines on Ironbits port 8500 until we dry it and then move them all to port 300. There's still quite a lot of work in port 8500 since I think only Anon is on it with 1-2 cores at the moment.

I'm temporarily running port 400. There's going to only be a little bit left on it for some straggling k/n pairs around n=462.4K that were obviously returned when someone didn't process them from their queue around the time of the rally. I'll take care of cleaning that up until it starts spitting out n=500K+ pairs (see the k/n pair ranges in the server) and then I'll switch over to port 8500 with you. Once that is done, I'll switch over to port 300 with you.

Essentially, we're moving right up the n-ranges and filling gaps left from the rally.

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