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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
Be still my fast beating heart...

Fixed the primes so they show that ^ character where it belongs.

Now to fix the daily runs so when more are added to the primes list so they will look right to.
LMAO; cool!

And on the other note, there was no sorting problem. There appear to be LOTS of n=462.3-.4-.5-.6K k/n pairs in port 400. I wonder where they all came from in the last 2-3 days after I stopped processing pairs from that server? They weren't from me. All of mine are always cleared out before I switch servers. Anyway, I've moved 5 high-speed cores over to it to clear them out and hopefully complete the n=458K-463K range. When it gets back to handing out n=500K+ pairs, I'll, once again, move all the cores back to port 8500.

Some day, I hope to quit moving them around to clean up things! lol


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