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A couple of things:

First, thanks for adding the primes found by yours servers to your web pages. One small issue there: There is no carrot (exponentiation symbol) in the primes. It looks like 545*2456789-1 instead of 545*2^456789-1.

Second, there appears to be a problem with the way k/n pairs are returned to the server if they haven't been processed within the alloted time frame. There appear to be k/n pairs remaining in port 400 for the n=458K-463K range yet port 400 is now handing out pairs for n>500K.

What we need is for the k/n pairs that are returned to go to the top of the k/n pair queue for distribution. Alternatively, the queue needs to have a continuous automatic sort by n-value primary and k-value secondary. I believe Adam's port 300 does by utilizing and SQL database or something like that. I'm not asking you to create some new database or anything. I'm just wondering if there is a workaround on this issue.

Right now, it looks like we'd have to process the entire n=500.7K-505K range (a very large amount of processing) before we would get to the missing k/n pairs for n=458K-463K.

As a temporary fix here, since port 400 currently and will likely have no activity for a while right now, can you pull the file out of it, sort it by n-value ascending primary and k-value ascending secondary and then reload it. I'll then put a core on it to process the missing k/n pairs for n=458K-463K so that we can get those results processed and the range closed.

Thanks a bunch.

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