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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
ssh works well to.
Yes, but I'm thinking that given Gary's level of computer-geekiness, he'd be much more comfortable with a GUI remote-control tool, not a command line one. (Yes, I know about X forwarding and all that--in fact I use it myself a lot--but it still requires a certain degree of comfortability with the command line.)

However, it would still be quite useful for Gary to use SSH to tunnel the VNC connections through--that way, he only has to forward the SSH port for one of his machines to the internet, not a separate VNC port for each machine. What I'm thinking would be best would be to use SSH on one of his machines as a jumping-off point for a tunneled VNC connection to all the other machines. (Don't worry, Gary, it may sound really technical the way I'm describing it here, but hopefully it won't be in my instructions that I'll be sending to you. ) An added benefit of this is that all the VNC connections are fully and securely encrypted through the SSH connection.

Gary, while you're out of town I'll try to get the instructions put together for you to set up an SSH server on each of your machines (it's quite simple, actually--assuming we don't have problems with port forwarding like you've had before, it should be even easier than running an LLRnet client! ), and to make one of them accessible from the Internet. From there, I can SSH into your machines and do all the VNC configuration for you. You can expect to see the instructions in your PM box shortly.

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