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Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
It looks like we just got picked off again, this time by the infamous Benson:

Oh well, as before, it doesn't really make that much of a difference for NPLB--that's the advantage of searching so many k's at one time!
No, we didn't get picked off at all. When Benson finds a prime for k=300-1001, he reports it as PrimeSearch! He's HELPING us!! Go Benson go! lol

Of course it's a little annoying that he gets them instead of one of our faithful searchers but that's OK. There are plenty of primes for everyone here since we're searching all k's.

This is an EXCELLENT example of why lower k's must be searched higher. Let's continue to maintain a higher priority on drive 3 but keep some cores running drive 1 too.

I think this clinches what the next rally should be run 3 again.

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