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Default llr-tools

look here:

download the llrtools.
-insert in 'times.txt' the timings of your CPU for a given FFTlen
for my Quad 2.4GHz i do this for the range 21-25:
    6144    0.096
    7168    0.116
    8192    0.120
   10240    0.168
   12288    0.207
   14336    0.250
- call 'get_time.exe' with the parameter of the LLR-input file
and the output is like mine:
--- Quad Q6600 2.4GHz ---
number of (k,n) pairs in file: 19448
estimated total time for LLR testing the whole file: 656024.274 sec
average time per LLR test: 33.732 sec
so these 656000 secs -> ~182 hours -> 7.6 days (so about 1/4 for my quad)!

the other 2 progs in there:
- fft_len gives you all the FFTlen for a given k and n-range
- av_time gives you the average time per LLRtest for a given k and n-range

try it! it's easy to use with many information you get.

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