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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
Okay, I will. In the mean time, some statistics from what I've got so far:
I've reserved two ranges, one with ~12K candidates, and one with ~25K. At the current rate for the smaller file, it would be 3.26 days, but it will be slowing as n increases (currently at n=~135700 and ~30 seconds per candidate at 7K used FFT).
For the larger file, it's currently coming out to 4.82 days, but of course will slow as well (currently n=~124400, switching between ~20 and ~27 seconds with switching between 6K and 7K FFTs).
I think it's still too early to tell if the files are too large or not.
OK, then I expect you to figure exactly what it will take assuming that the LLR time increases by the square of the n-range. lol

It's actually more complicated then that and related to FFTlen jumps but it should give a close estimate because over the long run LLR time DOES increase with the square of the n-range. I'll have a try at some calculations.

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