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If people wouldn't mind posting the approximate CPU time that it takes to complete a 3k-range and the CPU being used, that would help us in case we need to increase or decrease future file sizes. I kind of cringed when I saw some 25000 k/n pair files but I have to remember that the n-range is much lower and that is certainly the exception. But the average CPU time may be more like a drive 3 n=2K file at n=420K, the last one before we dropped the file size to n=1K.

There may be some 3k-ranges that have 2 very heavy-weight k's and we may want to post only a 2k-range for it or vice-versa for 2 very light-weight k's. The variability becomes greater as the k-values increase so shouldn't be as much of a problem for k<400.

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