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Default A prime story...

Spoken in the tone of the narrarator for "A Christmas Story"; you know the one with the BB gun, the kid who gets his tongue stuck to the frozen pole, etc.; that one?:

There he was one Friday afternoon going upstairs to change his machines over to port 5000 for an LLRnet rally coming around the corner.

Much to his dismay, there was something wrong with those crunchers. Port 5000 would not work on them so back he went to change them back to ports 100 and 300.

Gary was now feeling very down this day because none of his machines had been treating him well lately. To further his depressed state, he checked the forums and something was amiss. Port 5000, that all powerful mammoth of a server machine, had gone down. Now his poor machines were forced to remain on old klunky ports 100 and 300 and continue spitting out composites until the end of time.

Much to his delight, he checked the forums 1 hour later and all was well. Port 5000 was purring like a finely-tuned machine. But the delight was short-lived as he trudged back upstairs huffing in annoyance at the inconvience bestowed upon him.

There he went, 1 by 1 changing the machines back AGAIN from old klunky 100 and 300 to the finely tuned 5000 until only 1 remained.
Now, in the tone of the 'Larry, the Cable Guy' when he tells the story of "Twas the night before a non-denominational winter holiday" (instead of the "The night before Christmas"). If you haven't seen this, be prepared to cry. It is so friggin funny! Just google "Larry Cable Guy non-specific holiday figure".

One lonely machine there did still remain; one final switch to put him out of his pain.

He turned on the monitor; his eyes must have been playing tricks because that old port 300 had been shooting just bricks.

In front of him, this just could not be, there must have been a malfunction on that final P.C.

Low-and-behold he did stare until he started to cry, but a nice juicy prime was staring him back in the eye!

True story by the way (except the depression and crying part). lol

On that final machine before the changeover, the next-to-last test on it spit one out:

833*2^373286-1 is prime!

All thanks to IronBits server going down this afternoon!


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