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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Gary- send me whatever you have sieved on Wednesday night. I'll remove the factors and release up to 780k then, then whatever range necessary (900k?) to satisfy demand on 11/1. We're now in a range where sieving is in the ballpark of enough, so I'm fine with your suggestion. When we were at 20T and "proper" depth was 50T+, I wasn't so keen on that when a week's delay meant 50% more sieving.

At this pace, 900k-1M will be released on 11/15.

Mass sieve: We already have masser's files, 8 k's from 700k-1M. I plan to perhaps extend these to 2M and sieve them a while. Cruelty has 12 k's to 2M also, and he plans to LLR each until he finds a prime, then release the file for public consumption. So perhaps such a plan as we seem to want already exists-- we should encourage people to submit untested sieves when they release numbers.

Wow, cool! Sounds good to me on both fronts. Factors coming your way Wednesday. I doubt you'll need any more of my 'piddly' sieving now.

Sounds awesome on those big sieve files. It'd be cool to bring all of those various sieved files together and include them in one big huge massive sieve for you, Sheep, and perhaps Amphoria to hack away at.

Let me know if you want me to follow up with anybody on getting them or anything else related to such an effort. I think I read that Kosmaj has Masser's files.

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