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Gary- send me whatever you have sieved on Wednesday night. I'll remove the factors and release up to 780k then, then whatever range necessary (900k?) to satisfy demand on 11/1. We're now in a range where sieving is in the ballpark of enough, so I'm fine with your suggestion. When we were at 20T and "proper" depth was 50T+, I wasn't so keen on that when a week's delay meant 50% more sieving.

At this pace, 900k-1M will be released on 11/15.

Mass sieve: We already have masser's files, 8 k's from 700k-1M. I plan to perhaps extend these to 2M and sieve them a while. Cruelty has 12 k's to 2M also, and he plans to LLR each until he finds a prime, then release the file for public consumption. So perhaps such a plan as we seem to want already exists-- we should encourage people to submit untested sieves when they release numbers.
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