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Default Off-the-wall thought...

Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Oh, boy.. Sheep is here to save the day!
Since your farm is back up earlier than expected, it's prudent to start at 60T instead of 75T. Gary and I will achieve 60T roughly 1 Nov. With 60 cores, you'll reach 1T/hr throughput, finishing 60-120T in roughly 3 days. Yeesh.

My Athlon needs something to do, so once you reach 100 or 120T, it's better to return to sr2 and the big sieve. I'll fill in the gap this fall to 150T while you reach unprecedented (for RPS) depths for n>1.2M.

edit: Sheep, I'd just give each core 1T to do. When it's done, move it on to something else. Alternately, just use 12 cores with wider ranges- sr1 just doesn't lend itself as well to a wide rollout like you have. 4T each on 12 cores is ~50T and 12-14 days.

Holy cow. Both Sheep and Curtis, IMHO dedicating any more than 12 cores to one k for sieving is overkill. If you look back at previous team drives, I don't recall seeing one where we sieved so deeply for n<1M. So Sheep, can none of your machines do LLRing? Even if it's half the speed or less than the usual for the rest of us, having 48 cores doing LLRing...whew! Regardless, Kosmaj or Curtis, I'd suggest seeing what other 3-4 k's you think is better for him to work on that he could put about 12 cores each on.

Here's an off-the-wall thought...If Sheep can't LLR, if we want to do this optimally, we should see how many people we can get to drop their reservations for k < 300 and have Sheep sieve the entire ~145 k's at once. (Knocking out the few that are being done by other major projects.) That would be the ULTIMATE team drive! Then Kosmaj, Lousle, Curtis or whomever could start posting ranges for people to LLR, perhaps just 200-500 n at a time, which would contain plenty of work at any level of n for 145 k's! The thinking being that we're all reserving ranges of n instead of specific k's.

The 5th drive now is pretty cool with the 14 k's divisible by 3. Imagine expanding it to ~145 k's! As crazy as it sounds, in theory it's the most efficient way to do things, kind of like they do for RieselSieve and Seventeen-or-Bust. Sure, there would be logistical issues like starting the sieves and then removing ranges already searched but that would only take a small amount of time compared to the long-term benefit.

I know getting around the political issue of reservations would be a problem but even if we could have him sieving 50 k's at once would be outstanding!

With Carlos having several new cores and with newer folks on board like Anon and Patrick, I think we've got a good motivated group to do a new large team drive like this.

(At least my wild ideas aren't outside the scope of the project this time!)

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