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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Sheep- I plan to be at 75T by 15 Nov. Start at 75T, and any work you get done will be a bonus. I know sr1 isn't the easiest for you to run, so perhaps just run on a small handful of cores? I'll send the appropriate sieve file for sr1 presently.

After 15 Nov, I'll sieve at about 6T/week until catching the big sieve at 150T.
I should be able to get something started today. Initial testing with sr1sieve-1.1.12 is reporting about 4.3-4.4 Mp/s per core. I'll be able to start with 12 cores, but should increase that number to around 60 cores before the weekend is over. Will that help any? (I'd start them now, but it's 0430 and past my bedtime )

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