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Default results files and freeing up sieving resources...

Originally Posted by Kosmaj View Post
I just added 660-700.

BTW, I'd like to suggest that we collect results (LLR residues) of tested k=5 numbers, and I'd like to suggest that Curtis collects them, so that people mail their results to him. I hope Curtis agrees?

I completely agree. It's funny that you mention that. Curtis is already collecting them. I've sent him both of mine. He's requesting them from us as he sends us new sieved ranges.

This brings up one question...should we report the ranges LLR'd to Prof. Caldwell's site as we do them or is it better to wait until later when we have one very large range done?


With 5 of us (I think) now ready to do or already doing LLR work on k=5, I'll suspend another sieving effort that I'm working on and free up my dual-core Athlon for sieving on both cores. Send me whatever P-ranges you think are best and if you have time, the latest sieved files with as many factors removed as possible for maximum sieving speed.

At the rate we're going, we may push n=1M by the end of 2007. :surprised That would be cool!


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