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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
I put one of my Core2 cores on sieving this, since there is such demand. In about a week, I'll be done to 38T, and will release 550-575 for Patrick and 575-600 for Battlemaxx (via kosmaj); as Gary pointed out, I'll take 600-630 myself, and continue sieving before I release 630+.

Gary, I'll just assume you want 630-660 by the time it's ready. Consider the gap a chance to push your own searches quickly. :) You did not start a bad trend- my sieving is slow enough that you and patrick (and anyone else) are welcome to plan ahead, decide you'll be ready to process the next range by the time it's ready, and reserve it ahead of time. In principle, reserving any range-file you are ready to work on upon release makes sense to me.


OK, works for me. I'll reserve 630-660 now. IMHO, this k is high priority until we get close to n=1M so I'm right on it with two 3.2 Ghz P4 cores within a day of you sending me the sieve files. Later on, I may temporarily stop part of my twin prime search to put a 3rd core on some of the higher ranges if we maintain the n=25K-30K pieces.

n=525K-550K is now already up to n=534K. No primes yet. ETA is early-evening Friday. So if you want to send me 630-660 this coming Saturday regardless of how far sieved, that works for me.

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