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I hope my post won't clutter up this thread too much ; my excuses in advance if so, and moderators, please move it to wherever it should be if this place is not OK !
I just discovered the existence of LLR.
Is the search for GM's somewhere somehow coordinated ?
(People declaring to search some ranges...)
To what extend are the gmfcandidates prefactored or elsehow selected ?
I just ran llr somehow randomly on such a candidate and it IMMEDIATELY (time << 1 second) found a factor (2^16666417-...+1 has factor 18068995989053)
- how comes that this easy finding is not mentioned in the gmfcand... file while other bigger factors are there ?
Again sorry for my ignorance and maybe inappropriate posting...
PS: the llr program does not seem to write a save file when it's killed, like mprime...?
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