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Default Update on 7^254+1 post processing

The linear algebra phase for 7^254+1 has started.

Approximately 45.8 million relations were collected. Richard Wackerbarth performed singleton and duplicate removal on the data set reducing it to about 29.4M relations. Those relations were transferred to me for the following post-processing steps.

Running the clique removal algorithm reduced this to about 8M relations on 6.6M prime ideals in the range of 10M to 1B.

Several merge runs up to merge level 10 further reduced this to 2682271 relations on 2013036 prime ideals in the range of 5M to 1B.

This produced a matrix with 2710221 rows and 2711324 columns and a weight of 171991657.

Thirteen of the rows for the smallest primes were excluded. The average prime weight is 63.46 and the average relation-set weight is 63.43.

The linear algebra was started today on my Atlhon XP 2500+ (1.83Ghz). It is using about 800M of a total of 1.5G of installed memory. Initial estimates indicate it will require about 12 days to run.

-Don Leclair
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