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I've pretty much determined which colleges to apply to. But I have a weird desire to apply to the University of Chicago, reasoning that it can't hurt to try I also think other prestigious universities are cool, like Duke University, but UChicago is the one I'm most familiar with.

They have a solid curriculum whether I end up interested in science, engineering, and/or computer science, inspiring architecture, and a progressive atmosphere for students. I know there's really no chance of getting accepted with their single-digit acceptance rate and my lackluster resume, but I guess there's no negatives from throwing an application their way. Although if I do go with this gap year program I wonder how my application would compare to one I send in a couple months in their eyes... wishful thinking?

Should I contact some admissions officers from a couple of universities that I'm interested in (including the local ones that are actually feasible) and get better information? Would that be as simple as just emailing them?
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