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Default CRUS Spreadsheet

I've updated my chance spreadsheet after the recent large update by Gary.
I was posting on a webpage with Wix, but its very fiddly and time consuming. Wix does not support tables well. So decided to just post the spreadsheet instead.

A few notes about the CRUS spreadsheet:
Shading shows reservation, same as the CRUS website.
1k's, 2k's, 3k's, 4k's and 13k's chances are calculated.
The "Next Test End Range" is 100k more than the current "Test Limit" but you can set this to whatever you like.
Best chance for a S/R k is highlighted yellow.
For >1k's I also calculate the chance any of the k's will be prime and the chance of all the k's being primed in the next test range.
The error column is a check of the Weight against the CRUS website value. Shaded Salmon colour if it doesn't match.
For the 1k's I also calculate the chance using the Nash weight (sieve for n=100001 to 110000 to P=511) in columns R, S, T.
In columns U to AB I also calculate the chance the same way as the "odds of prime" spreadsheet. Only one in 5 of the 1k's are currently sieved to make a comparison.
For the 19 1k's where we have all 3 chance values it appears that the deeper you sieve the more the chance value seems to approach an asymptote, i.e. the more work you do to refine your chance value the more accurate it will be.
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