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Originally Posted by garo View Post
Catching recycled exponents makes complete sense especially since most exponents end up expiring 2-3 times before they are eventually completed. And it improves project throughput thus bringing the next prime find closer than if we had followed your virgin exponent obsession!
Let us at least start from a point of concensus: we are aiming to find another Mersenne Prime as soon as possible. That said George (of all people) disputed this as the only way of justifying your antics.

We need to maximize the probability of finding one or more primes per day, which currently stands at 1/1500.5 ( @ Axn and Phil).

This is achieved by maximizing the number of LL completions per day, the lower the mean expo the better.

Now we come to the crunch: this depends on the number of virgins assigned each day.
Currently this is decided by Chris, who has an ingenious ploy which ensures that the assignment of virgins does not exceed their production rate.: whenever the enthusiam for virgins gets too high, he assigns 68-69M expos to dampen their ardour. This is a foolproof strategy because these get recycled wjth neglible risk of being completed (<100 so far).

What is the assignment demand?
Well, just allow all expos TFed to 73 be available for a week or so, and we'll find out. This is what I would call an empiricalTM approach.


BTW Garo, I assume you intend to delegate your moderation here with the same frankness and humility as Chris.
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