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Default Polynomial Request Thread

I've been doing polynomial searches for a C210 for 3 months (since Mar 16) on three different video cards (GTX550Ti, GTX570, and GTX580). In the last few weeks I've been really learning how to tweak the command line options to msieve to start getting good results. I started with degree 5 searches and have been doing a lot of degree 6 searches lately. I think the degree 6 searches are probably returning better results due to my better tweaking of the polynomial search options. Here are the best few results I've found so far. Hopefully this can help others know where their best scores for a C210 should be.

Degree 5
# norm 1.276810e-20 alpha -9.238464 e 9.932e-16 rroots 5 skew: 380780879.24
# norm 1.161363e-20 alpha -9.018629 e 9.234e-16 rroots 5 skew: 609572156.15
# norm 1.358701e-20 alpha -6.910857 e 1.038e-15 rroots 5 skew: 104279094.33
# norm 1.270759e-20 alpha -7.678108 e 9.961e-16 rroots 3 skew: 291528643.68

Degree 6
# norm 2.827871e-015 alpha -10.512910 e 9.028e-016 rroots 2 skew: 1564743.15
# norm 3.242080e-015 alpha -9.429823 e 1.024e-015 rroots 4 skew: 1013932.94
# norm 3.252680e-015 alpha -7.597478 e 1.032e-015 rroots 6 skew: 830332.96
# norm 3.384932e-015 alpha -7.504910 e 1.054e-015 rroots 6 skew: 673235.34
# norm 3.617168e-015 alpha -7.884669 e 1.120e-015 rroots 6 skew: 741885.74
# norm 3.407911e-015 alpha -8.473234 e 1.056e-015 rroots 6 skew: 788144.46
# norm 3.211134e-015 alpha -9.178180 e 1.016e-015 rroots 4 skew: 924161.97
Also, Jason, when was the msieve/CADO E score change/alignment made? All of the above results were with SVN 845 or later.

I see in the degree 6 group that the best E score has a pretty low alpha. There are some with slightly worse E that have much better alpha's. Will those poly's tend to be better than the one with the best E?

Also, when creating a job file for this C210, should I use the parameters referenced by Batalov in post #43 for the RSA-c212:
rlim: 250000000
alim: 500000000
lpbr: 33
lpba: 33
mfbr: 66
mfba: 96
rlambda: 2.7
alambda: 3.7
Or should I adjust any of those parameters up or down for this C210?
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