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Thanks for your input

But if you are, a single i7/3770K - which will run happily from a 260W PSU even if you put a dual-port 10GbE PCIe card in it - offers performance comparable to the whole baserock slab.

though I'll admit that that system has an exciting between-cards interconnect for which you'd have to pay five hundred dollars for an Infiniband QDR HCA and another $500-per-port for the switch.
That's pretty expensive indeed... maybe, in the mid-term, they'll have no choice but lowering their price tags, due to non-IB interconnects such as the one in the Boston Viridis ?

I have just spent £103.28 buying myself an Odroid-X (Exynos 4412 so quad 1.4GHz Cortex-A9, 1G memory, though only 100Mbps ethernet - effectively a Galaxy S3 without the display) ... to see if I can get gnfs-lasieve4I15e running.
I might get my hands on one such system in the next few months as well.

To get more than 4GB total memory you will have to wait for Cortex-A15-based chips
Yup, in fact I knew that but I failed to mention it explicitly in the "later".
Cortex-A15 chips will do large RAM support for the 32-bit ARM architecture, and then 64-bit ARM chips (probably not before 2014, sadly) won't have that 4 GB limit.
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