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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
That's wrong. 354.0-370.0 is done when checking here.

BTW, drive 2 is almost done!!!!
There was no post in drive 1 that showed it as complete until just now. I only show complete what is shown in the drive threads as complete.

Thanks to both of you for taking care of this!

Not only are we nearly complete for drive 2, we're nearly complete to n=393K for drive 1! Congrats everyone on a great effort!!

BTW, Carlos, have you heard from Beyond lately? I haven't seen his typical slew of primes lately and he hasn't asked for any reservations.

You had mentioned the heavy-hitter with 200 cores from Free-DC (or somewhere). I know that he was helping us with just a few cores. If Beyond is going to be away for a while working on other efforts or is done completely working on our effort, can you bring in the other person for more cores?

On an unrelated note, I'm thinking of picking up a quad in the next couple of months. I want more personal processing power. Currently about 2/3rds of my resources are non-personal machines. Ideally I'd have about 100 personal cores at my disposal; maybe someday. lol

If anyone knows the best way to buy a quad (sorry, you'll have to talk in non-computereze to a certain extent), I'd be happy to hear what people recommend. Best Buy didn't have any when I checked 2 months ago. Obviously they still aren't too commonplace. I think there was a couple advertised in a Dell flyer I got a month ago but quite expensive so I'm sure there'd be a better way to buy one.


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