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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Anon and Carlos,

We are still showing n=359.3K-370.0K on this LLRnet server as in progress on the 1st post of drive 1. I'm sure that was done long ago.

Carlos, sorry if this is on your page. Can you tell me/us where your page is so that I don't have to sort through numerous threads/posts to find it?

Anon, have the results for 359.3-370 been checked to see if they are all there? Once we confirm that range plus the 372-378 LLRnet server range, drive 1 will be complete to n=393K!! Shortly after that, I will post a list of results files that I'm missing from manual reservations. I have to cull them all together off of 3 different machines.

I was checking 359.3-370 and 372-378 for missing candidates when I came up with a bunch of them. However, now that Carlos has uploaded the missing results file, I'll add it to my master results file for C300 and try again.

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