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Originally Posted by IronBits View Post
Well, I created a so what port you want on it and where is my knpairs.txt to load it up?
I can also add a and and if you like ;p

Now, what ports did you really want to use, and where's my knpairs.txt to load up the Server(s) :p :)
Well...I think is best, in case we decide to have more than one server (i.e. for more than one base) running on the server at a time. As for the port--oh, whoops, I forgot how you wanted to have something >1024 so that you don't have to run the server as root. Before we can decide what port to use, though, we need to decide which numbers to put on the server. Gary, which one do you think we should do: Sierp. base 6, Sierp. base 16, or Riesel base 16? I was more leaning towards Sierp. base 6, since that drive has gotten the least attention so far, and it would be interesting to do LLRnet on a base that's not a power of 2 for a change.

Once we've picked out what numbers to put on the server, we can put together a knpairs.txt file for IronBits, and pick out a port for it (probably a port number that is in some way related to the base would be kind of cool).
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