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Prime95 (and mprime) save its configuration and intermediate files to the current folder (the folder where the executable is...)

Did you stop Prime95 before moving the folder ? If you did not, recreate the "p95v259" folder in its original location : "/desktop/username/". Stop and exit the program and transfer the files from the old location "/desktop/username/p95v259" to the new folder and restart the program from there.

It that does not solve the problem you should look in the .txt configuration files to see if there is a hardcoded path.

If that does not solve the problem it is the new path that gives the problems. What path do you see when you open a comand prompt under wine in the new p95v259 folder ?

mprime has a gui if I am not mistaken (mprime -m ?). And since the configuration files are compatible there should be no problem with attaching to your user account.


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