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In a perfect wourld, I'd agree with Nitro. But witnessing the reprecussions of just this thing in other projects has shown me that continuity is in the best interest of the project.

In answer to your question, I saw an instance where people on a team wanted to quit the project (ECCP) when an individual joined their team! They were so against the merger because the impetus was a personal vendetta designed to hurt another team.

A lot of the time a person who moves is someone who needs attention (I'm not saying this is the case in the above case) and they get their kicks by switching teams left and right, causing great distress to the majority of participants.

Both these scenarios risks disenfranchaising large numbers of people; both those that are established and have shown they're good for contributing a large amount of work, and those that are new and are turned off by the drama they are seeing when they join.

Everyone should be free to do what they want. But we have laws to make sure that the majority do not get hurt by a few for a reason.

The whole thing is solved by understanding a person should be extremely discretionary BEFORE they join a team. I would say that a contribution made in that manner honorably remains with that team and continuity is maintained.

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