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Originally Posted by CedricVonck
Currently resieving the range 231k => 1 Million.
What do you mean by "resieving" ? Sieving again against the same possible factors? Why?? I'm not aware that any publicly availabe siever (NewPGen, ksieve) is missing composites. If you found otherwise please provide examples.
This range spans approximately 101.000 tests.
So hopefully with sieving this range to 1 T or more?? I'll get this range to about 50.000 (or less) potential candidates.
I don't know how deep have you sieved those 101,000 candidates but even if you sieved only to 1 bn you will soon realize that a reduction to 50,000 is impossible...

Another possibility is to stop tests early. Indeed, there is nothing special about this k. No need to marry the first love
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