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Default NVIDIA CUDA C toolkit for G80 GPU available

The NVIDIA CUDA C programming development toolkit
and documentation is available for download,
both Windows 32 bit and Linux 32 bit,
works with NVIDIA G80 GPUs.

The CUDA Developer SDK provides examples with source code
to help you get started with CUDA.

Examples include:

..Parallel bitonic sort
..Matrix multiplication
..Matrix transpose
..Performance profiling using timers
..Parallel prefix sum (scan) of large arrays
..Image convolution
..1D DWT using Haar wavelet
..OpenGL and Direct3D graphics interoperation examples
..CUDA BLAS and FFT library usage examples
..CPU-GPU C- and C++-code integration

Technology Features

..Unified hardware and software solution for parallel computing
on CUDA-enabled NVIDIA GPUs
..CUDA-enabled GPUs support the Parallel Data Cache
and Thread Execution Manager for high performance computing
..Standard C programming language enabled on a GPU
..Standard numerical libraries for FFT (Fast Fourier Transform)
and BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines)
..Dedicated CUDA driver for computing
..Optimized upload and download path from the CPU to CUDA-enabled GPU
..CUDA driver interoperates with OpenGL and DirectX graphics drivers
..Support for Linux and Windows XP operating systems
..Scales from high performance professional graphics solutions
to mobile and embedded GPUs
..Native multi-GPU support for high density computing
with Quadro CUDA-enabled GPUs
..Direct driver and assembly level access through CUDA
for research and language development
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