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If you are only trial factoring you could use a floppy to store all the working files for Prime95 :
prime.ini, worktodo.ini, local.ini, prime.spl, results.txt, .log, and save file p#######.

The program and any dlls would be on the hard disk and are only read when starting the program and maybe when communicating with the server.

There is an option to use a different directory/drive for the working files.
I have it write to the floppy every 10 minutes.

I don't know what the storage requirements are for P-1 and LL/DC so I don't know if the save file(s) would fit.

If you have a zip drive maybe that would work OK or if on a network have it write to a network drive (not in the cabinet).

You can have the writes to disk delayed (I am not sure how long), the issue will be loss of hours of work if it crashes.
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