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Originally Posted by bur View Post
So I'd use the same params but with rels_wanted=145M and required_excess reduced by 0.01?
Yes, exactly. There's no harm in CADO doing multiple filtering runs, so you could use 144M or 143M too if you're curious about how far it can be pushed. The "required_excess" setting is supposed to avoid the case where a matrix *barely* builds and is far too big- that is, just 1-2% more relations builds a much nicer matrix. In the context of this size of job, "barely" would be a matrix 9-10M in size. Your data on that C159 show that a ~7M matrix is "good enough", in that more sieving takes more time than would be saved by the smaller matrix.

We're looking for a required-excess setting that *always* avoids those too-big matrices. If you reduce it by 0.02 to be more aggressive, set rels_wanted to 140M and let us know how many relations it actually takes to build a matrix (it should be more than 140!)
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