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Default Dodecaproth n 'weights'

I'm defining the 'weight' of an n as the number of PRP tests that dodeca_30 needs to perform when checking that n for a range of 0,10T.

The lower the weight the faster it will be to check that n.
The higher the weight the slower it will be.

n=80 weight=45489
n=81 weight=50735
n=82 weight=36134
n=83 weight=31322
n=84 weight=79800
n=85 weight=11925
n=86 weight=71370
n=87 weight=46678
n=88 weight=10297
n=89 weight=452294
n=90 weight=19023
n=91 weight=31650
n=92 weight=57436
n=93 weight=18424
n=94 weight=76983
n=95 weight=17651
n=96 weight=23206
n=97 weight=72811
n=98 weight=77654
n=99 weight=86727

n=89 sticks out somewhat! And I've already taken n=88 :-)
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