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BTW, let this be a lesson.

I failed to actually TRY running
to confirm that stage 2 would find the 612 = 3721 prime-power factor of 4934285493275531 before I made my erroneous posting:
Originally Posted by cheesehead, in error!
Also, Prime95's P-1 stage 2 with b1 = 2000 and b2 = 4000 would find this factor because the largest prime-power factor of 4934285493275531 is less than 4000 and all other prime-power factors are less than 2000. (In fact, b1/b2 as low as b1 = 1973, b2 = 3721 would have worked.)
It would've taken just 4 minutes, including set-up time, to run that on my Athlon 1200. But that didn't occur to me before I threw in that erroneous last paragraph about stage 2, which was an idea I got just as I was about to post all the preceding (and correct) part about stage 1, which was itself a correction of my first hasty posting ...
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