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Default trial factoring and P-1

When doing P-1 factoring the b1 is actually b1*M
suppose we test M=67 to b1=1000
It actually look for factor of the form (2*....*M*b1*M+1)
If it is (2*...*M+1) then the factor is found right away.
Would it become faster to do P-1 testing rather than trial at higher mersenne numbers?
ex. 79299959 has been P-1 tested to 8000000
so 2*...*79299959*8000000*79299959+1 76bits+
trial shows 79299959,72

or Have I got the whole thing wrong

ps I never do stage 2 as it messes stage 1 save files. I keep my files as it continues to higher level from where it leftoff.
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