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OK, some progress, quick update then offline 'til tomorrow:

With wifi stick inserted into usb3 slot @boot-from-media time, got this scary-looking but as-it-proved nonfatal error:

dracut-pre-udev[2742]: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'edd' / usb3-3: device descriptor error

Note: For some reason whenever I try a fresh boot-from-usb-image, 1st try ends in same 'dracut timeuot' error I mentioned for my initial install try a couple days ago. 'exit' does nothing useful, but ctrl-alt-del and retry-with-identical-boot-from-option-via-<f11> works ... no idea why this 2-try, but hopefully it's behind me now.

The 'base environment' options at boot-from-usb don't include workstation, they are these 3:

o Server
o Minimal install - that alas causes 'GNOME' to vanish from the neighboring 'additional software' pane
o Custom operating system - yah, that sounds not-for-me

Again chose server+gui, this time network-setup showed the wifi and was able to password-connect to that - yay!

Post-install, again rebooted-from-new-CentOS-kernel-on-SSD, again got cmd-line mode (expected), but it seems wifi is not auto-enabled even though I configured it during install and it clearly was web-connected (e.g. internet time stuff showed up). 'dnf grouplist' gives same no-connecttion error or before. So back to same issue: how to enable wifi from cmd-line. Hopefully easy now that it's been properly preconfigured.

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