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Success! Had to unplug the SSD and the 24-pin main-power plug to be able to plug in the little 2-pin power-switch connector, once everything was hooked back up and power cord plugged in, power button worked as intended.

Redid the CentOS install from the boot USB, this time added several optional packages including the Gnome desktop and dev-tools, told the installer to reclaim all the space on the SSD used by the older install, no problems.

But - and there's always a but, it seems - once install done, pulled boot USB, clicked "Done" to reboot, <f11> to now use the CentOS install on the SSD, again ended with a basic terminal-mode login prompt, no signs of a Desktop GUI. Did command-shell login, "which gcc" came up empty, so either the dev-tools package does not include it, or something else is awry. Shutdown for now, no more time for this today.
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