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Originally Posted by PhilF View Post
For the power switch the polarity doesn't matter.
That was my thinking, as well - since one pin is PWR and the other GND, pressing the (once-wired-up) "on" button should simply connect the 2, but figured better safe than sorry, ask the experts first. Now if I blow myself up, I can blame you from the aferlife, or something. :)

Anyhow, was busy with code for rest of day, so will wait 'til tomorrow so can do by daylight.

Edit: LOL, glad I decided to wait! Just added a second attachment to my post #75, showing the Control Panel with the individual pins labeled. In that, PWR and its corresponding GND are at top, but the 2 pins marked unused via 'X' are the next-to-last pin pair at the opposite end of the array. That means the pin highlighted via the solid black square in the first attachment is the PWR pin, the one the Control Panel diagram text says should be connected to the red wire in the non-existent-in-my-case ribbon-cable bundle. So it still shouldn't matter which way the labeled flat side of my 2-pin hookup faces, but it needs to connect to the rightmost pin pair in the corresponding pinout array as pictured in the first ,'pwrconnects', attachment in post #75.

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