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... and the system won't power up. Note, the front-panel power button on this is mis-connected, if it's connected at all - have always simply needed to unplug/replug the power cord in the back to turn it off/on, until successful CentOS install last night at least gave us the 'shutdown -h now' option for the 'off' part. Grrr ... no time right now to poke around in the damn case and wiretrace and whatnot. I was hoping to be building and testing code on this sucker by now ... annoying as hell.
Unplug, open case, check JF1 by the main motherboard 24-pin power connector. I had the same won't-start issue after a Windows shutdown -s. But -r (restart) was not typically a problem. It certainly created a sinking feeling. And after that the box was completely unresponsive including to power strip cycling; no POST, no signal at the VGA, most onboard LEDs stayed off, radiator fans did not spin up to mini-propjet-takeoff-sound-level initially, as they previously had. After a while I managed to recover mine by putting a separate power button on JF1 temporarily. Then reconnect power, push the added button, go to BIOS settings, change Power On behavior, from Last State, to Always Start, to reduce the occurrence of repeats.
It's a catch22; system won't restart with power because its last state was off, because that's what the user told it to be through the OS; can't turn it on because the case power switch is not connected; can't change the BIOS because it won't turn on, because...

This case has a sort of "secret compartment". One side panel removed gives a view of cpu, pcie, motherboard-top-side etc and 3.5" drive mountings. The opposite side removed gives 2.5" drive mountings and a view of some cabling. In mine I found an unconnected end of the power sw, reset sw, power LED, drive LED cable in that "secret compartment". So you might be able to activate the front power button by fishing that out and connecting "Power sw" at JF1 pins 1 & 2, if you don't have a spare switches/LEDs cable assembly in your parts drawer.

This thing is like a sports car (or some partners I've known). Expect some cost/pain as the price of the interesting or fun times.
I suspect these were set up to run as part of a server farm, in rows of warehouse style welded-wire racks, with Unit ID LEDs and remote management enabled, local intervention disabled.

Congrats on getting over the OS install hurdles thus far, and thanks for confirming the hardware obstinacy as shipped. I'm wondering how minimal is CentOS -minimal, at 1.6GB. GUI included? The other iso is 7.7GB, too big for a DVD.

FYI prime95 benchmark results on Win10 can be found at A large screen or a magnifier or some serious zoom may be useful.

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