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Install last night finished successfully and after reboot from the installation-on-SSD we got a login prompt, but in basic-terminal mode ... must've overlooked whatever option is needed to install the windowing system in the initial-install screens. So did 'shutdown -h now', just now replugged in the boot USB ... and the system won't power up. Note, the front-panel power button on this is mis-connected, if it's connected at all - have always simply needed to unplug/replug the power cord in the back to turn it off/on, until successful CentOS install last night at least gave us the 'shutdown -h now' option for the 'off' part. Grrr ... no time right now to poke around in the damn case and wiretrace and whatnot. I was hoping to be building and testing code on this sucker by now ... annoying as hell.

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