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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
waited the several minutes this system needs to run all its BIOS stuff, then hit <f11> at the SuperMicro boot screen.
Some observations here:
1) Sometimes mine seems to get stuck during the BIOS initialization, requiring a power cycle to try again.
2) The sequence is interminable but the time window for F11, F12, or DEL to select options from the white SuperMicro boot screen is brief. It would be nice to be able to shorten the one or lengthen the other.
3) Haven't experimented with BIOS settings to possibly skip / disable some portions of the initialization.
4) The BIOS seems to support a commercial-size-kitchen-sink set of approaches. Disabling the unused ones might provide a considerable startup speedup, if possible, by eliminating timeout periods for things that ain't gonna happen (IPMI IP# issuance for example).
5) Jumper changes are another possibility. BMC disable.
6) One more way my system is wired oddly; documentation for the motherboard indicates the two adjacent RJ45 jacks are regular LAN ports, but if the one nearer the USB (#7 in fig 5-2 of the manual found online) is connected, DHCP fills in an IPMI IP# (remote console via IP), instead of providing LAN connectivity.

Some good news is checking prime.log and the worker windows of prime95 shows no sign of errors detected, in the 17 workers' 58.3M-59.1M LL DC progress, to 31-35% each so far and a few Jacobi checks each. These should all complete by about month's end.

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