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Admittedly the BPSW test should exit early for the composites. Still, PFGW will be faster on the Fermat / M-R once the result hits somewhere between 2000 and 6000 digits -- at least that's where it's faster than GMP's mpz_powm.

As an aside, I have an example Fibonacci prime finder in my Perl module that has a couple parallel implementations. Starting at the beginning searching for each, my timing results are

26244 seconds for Fp36 (p = 148091) on a 3930K (12 proc)
12000 seconds for Fp36 (p = 148091) on a c4.8xlarge (36 proc)
6465 seconds for Fp36 (p = 148091) on a r4.16xlarge (64 proc)

Someday I'll get a big c5 for a day to benchmark.

[Edit: that it not the timing for one test, but the time from starting search for all Fp until we see the output of the in-order 36th Fibonacci prime]

I've tried it on a Power8 with 152 logical processors but it's a shared machine so really couldn't let it run very long, and it looks like GMP is better optimized for x86-64.

It's pretty simple, just running primality tests in order on each core, with the most interesting part just being making sure the results are shown in order.

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