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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
If you look at the full results line, the matching shift count were sent by a different user id, but the same computer name. This person was simply a victim of an old prime95 bug where the client "lost" the user id, contacted the server and was assigned a new user id, and subsequently resent the results.txt file (there was client code that would do this too).

So.... nothing nefarious going on here.
^^^ yeah, that. Just a weird result of the same result being checked in twice (in some cases the same thing had been checked in more than twice, I think as many as 5 or 6 times).

My point was that I'm glad the shift-count check is there otherwise it may have accidentally been accepted.

By the way, I think at some point I went through and looked for verified work where the shift count was absent (before that feature was introduced) and I think they'd all been triple-checked already, for whatever that's worth. I might check again since it's on my brain, but I'm pretty sure that's taken care of.
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