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Originally Posted by retina View Post
If you are saying what I think you are saying then that would point to a bug in the software. Having two different people get the same incorrect residue is extremely unlikely if it is due to errors on their respective systems. So the alternative explanation is that the software has a bug.
I don't think he's saying what you think he is saying. He says that somehow, someone managed to register that test two times. If you look into the history, some anon user tried to register the result many times in 2006, when the shift was already implemented, IIRC. There is a very small (null) probability someone else got the same exponent AND the same shift to test it, therefore I assume that the 2*anon, S53xxx, and John whatever, are the same user. We can however check the result produced by P95 (actual version) if we know the shift (I can do that, run a test with a pre-determined shift, by playing with the initial checkpoint file, but George may have a better way) and we see if there is some bug still there, as you said. Should we follow into this path?

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