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MODERATORS, please delete the last paragraph ("For instance, do you think that the US is somehow obligated ... we're obligated in Iraq, but not anywhere else?") of my post #748.

Originally Posted by AES View Post
I am not racist and I resent this insinuation.
I deeply apologize for failing to notice that the last paragraph of my posting #748 could be interpreted that way.

I didn't think, mean, intend to insinuate, or intend to imply that _you_ were racist.

That idea never occurred to me until when I read your posting just now.

But when (after calming down a bit) I look back at my posting #748, I do see why it could all-too-easily be interpreted that way, or even just flat-out looks that way.

I am appalled to discover that.

Here's what happened, I think: I started writing the last paragraph as being addressed directly to you. While I was reworking/revising it, I slipped into a frame of thinking about governmental policies -- and then started wording phrases that I intended to apply to governmental policies in the abstract, not _your_ own opinions/policies/motives. The result was a mixup that, I see now, could be -- indeed, pretty much _has_ to be -- interpreted as you did. I deeply regret that.

I also note that this kind of mental mixup while composing postings is something I've done in other postings recently, but never before with such terrible results (AFAIK, anyway). I'll have to consider how to take steps to avoid making that mistake.

Again, I apologize for posting words that I did not review well enough to realize would be interpreted in such a way that was so awfully different from what I intended to convey.

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