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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
~99.7% survivability is pretty good for those who rely on others to come to their rescue.
If the elevator at your local shopping mall had that sort of survivability there would be a great hew and cry. If the crosswalk at the local school had those odds, the street would get shut down for an hour either side of school hours.

In the last month 3 family members of various distance of relations to me have had/have COVID. "B" is too young for the vaccination yet. "D" has immune system / medication issues that has impacted their ability to get vaccinated. "R" is a person over 75 that did get vaccinated. B and D reside together and most likely got it from D's ancestors (not related to me). R travelled with B & D to see family member Z and s/o K. D had the worst set of symptoms. R was able to stay out of the hospital/morgue because the vaccine prepared their immune system. They acknowledge that it saved them.
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