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Originally Posted by axn View Post
So... the restriction comes from gwnum license?
Yes. The gwnum license requires any 100M-digit Mersenne primes found with gwnum to be credited to GIMPS and fall under their prize rules, even if the library is linked into a program other than Prime95/mprime, such as LLR (bad example, but you get the point). This is considered a "further restriction" on the recipient's freedom to use the software under section 10 of the GPL (it would necessarily apply to the combined package, even though GMP-ECM cannot perform record-breaking primality tests), thus preventing the code from being combined and distributed under the GPL only, as required under section 6.

Edit: Even if George were to grant a special license for GMP-ECM, the remainder of the existing license is murky enough to make its GPL compatibility status without the prize rule problematic.

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