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The calculation should have started either way, correct? The error in the communication thread is not critical. PrimeNet does not support P-1 with manual bounds, which is the work type started when entering P-1 via the GUI. Either way, the calculation can be executed and the result will be submitted. If no prior or lesser P-1 has been done, you will even get appropriate credits.

I guess you choose more excessive bounds knowingly. If this was not your intention, please consider using the suggested bounds. But since the exponent is of some special form (it looks "special" in base 10), I assume you wanted the higher bounds. You can safely proceed the computation in this case. It is your PC and of course you may do what you want with it.

@kriesel: You have not tested with PrimeNet enabled. This is necessary for comparison because the OP had output in the communication thread. I deduct that from you post where there should have been an AID or N/A in the worktodo.txt line you gave.

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