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I've changed/updated the template for Proth primes (k*b^n+1) including the base as parameter and in the page name. So there's no need to use a "Gen Proth prime" template (see also the "Template protoypes" page).
Some other templates used for Riesel and Proth are not yet fully updated (like showing the k-type in a table), but will follow.
Many other pages linked to those Proth primes were updated (like Williams) and some project pages.
Now every base of Proth primes will get their own category with some cub-cats and pages from now on.

There's no need to use redirects for old pages, because if an old page in not found like Proth prime 3 (without base in page name), a link as "search the related logs" is available and shows the moving of this page to a new one.

I will now start the same procedure for the Riesel prime pages, which will take some more time. So perhaps many pages will show errors, because I've to change the Riesel template to work with first.

This all will make the handling and updating of those templates much easier in the future (2 templates instead of 4 and some other used templates easier).

I will inform here, when the moving of all pages is complete and related pages are updated, too.
Be patient.
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