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Question Status of p-1....

Each time the new status files come out from now on, I will post a new status report of how mersenne-aries is going. My original idea was to start from 13M and clear out all the exponents that haven't been p-1 tested ahead of the leading edge of double checking. However, since then I have become a little more confident (mostly due to my new P4) and have decided to start at 12.3M instead.

Anyone who want to help out is more than welcome to. Just reserve one of the blocks of exponents that I have posted and put it at the top of your worktodo.ini file. However, I must warn those of you who wish to join that p-1 testing, when done properly, requires a lot of RAM. Therefore, if you have less that 250mb of RAM allocated to prime95, I would suggest that this isn't the type for you. This is because most of the factors that are found by p-1 testing are found during stage 2. Therefore, if you only have a small amount of RAM allocated (eg 50mb) you will be missing factors that really should have been found.
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